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Real Estate
  • Urbanism index
  • Property prices
  • Living expense forecasting
  • Asset Management
  • Location optimization of branch and ATM network
  • Market segmentation
  • Risk assessment based on micro and macro environmental factors
  • Housing market prediction
  • Solar radiation intensity & PTV productivity forecasting
  • Remote exploration of natural resources
  • Wind speed intensity
  • Asset management & maintenance
  • Remote sensing for terrain stability & monitoring potential geohazards
  • Utility grid development and infrastructure routing
  • Energy consumption prediction and demand evaluation
  • Transportation planning
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring
  • Urban development and planning
  • City zoning & Site analysis
  • Comprehensive land analytics
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Pest infestation
  • Nutrient availability
  • Fertility requirements
  • Weather predictions
  • Criminal activity monitoring
  • Border security
  • Coastline and maritime mapping
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring
  • Emergency response and disaster prevention
  • Terrorism prevention
  • Battlefield surveillance


City Performer

The 6th sense for real estate professionals.

  • City Performer is the foremost location analytics tool for real estate professionals analyzing environment, well-being, safety, mobility, services, free time activities, property prices, housing availability & affordability, commercial real estate prices, demographics, and much more.
  • You can add your own properties and get detail location analytics, which you can download and share with your clients, teammates and partners.
  • City Performer supports your decision making, empowers your bargaining power and thus boosts your sales.

Joy Science

Enjoy Big Data

  • We are fearless of disruption. Joy’s mission is to maximize potential of Big Data via providing vertically integrated Big Data value chain in one solution.
  • Joy joins external data sources into one platform, enables users to connect and store internal data from software applications via API, provides instant data analytics and visualizations powered with AI, and a standardized mechanism for data monetization.
  • With Joy you have all data in one platform, access to advanced data analytics, predictions, and interactions with diagrams. Moreover, Joy lets you merge datasets together, doesn’t matter whether internal or external, through selecting exact attributes that interest you. Even monetize or acquire datasets from other users on the platform. Solve all your data problems once and for all with Joy.

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